Cage Line Drive League

Sunday Cage Line Drive League For Players 10 U & 12 U

 We will play on Cage #2 at the speed of 55MPH. Any players 12 years of age and under can qualify for the league challenge this winter.
What is the Cage Line Drive League?
The Strike Zone Batting Cage League is a fun, friendly, and competitive 4 week Line Drive Competition. The league is offered during the months of December-March.
How does the league work?  Players accumulate points by hitting designated areas throughout the cage, and also by performing situational hitting successfully. (Bunts, Hit & Runs, Opposite Field Hitting, etc.)
Only 16 players are allowed to participate in the league each month with two players per team. The league games will be played every Sundays at either 2 PM, 3 PM, 4 PM or 5 PM. Games will last approximately 1 Hour.  Each player will get a lot of swings per game. Weekly and overall totals will be kept for each individual. The Individual with the best score at the end of the 4 weeks wins the league and will be acknowledge on our indoor leader board.
Hitter’s know how easy it can be to lose the perfect swing. This League allows the hitter to swing at a high number of pitches in a short amount of time, allowing you to maintain focus on the area of your swing that needs improvement.
  • We Accept Visa / Mastercard
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  • You will be charged $50 (or $90 each if you sign up as a team of 2) on the first of each month selected Payments will come out the first of every month that you select to play.
    If signing up two players, please make sure the both players' names are in comment box below.
    ($50 per month/per player) $45 per player/per month if sign up as a team of two ($90)
    Use this option, if you are not auto enrolling for November through March competition.
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