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Fall Competitive League For 9-16

This league is the next step in the development process and provides an opportunity for players to improve their skills in an competitive environment. At this level, players begin specializing in certain positions and concentrating on the skills that pertain to those positions. Coaches have the knowledge and are able to teach the finer details of each position.

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  • Players can choose to register for their age group or choose to play up one level.
  • Training Circuits include: Hitting - Speed & Agility -Pitcher/Catcher Bullpens. Please note: This year there will be a charge $30 to avoid league price increase. You will receive all 17 sessions for only $30 - Register early to avoid being shut out. Training Circuits are for Fall Baseball Players only.
  • This is where you would put names of coaches or players you would like to play with and any other pertinent information to make your fall experience the best ever.
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