Terms of Membership

Written notice for cancellation must be addressed to Joe Siwa via email at jsiwa@strikezoneomaha.com or in written form and sent to the Strike Zone at 2900 South 110th Street  Omaha, NE  68144.  Cancellation request must be made with a 30 day advanced notice, keeping in mind that monthly payments occur of every month.

Membership agreements represents the complete understanding between the Member and the STRIKE ZONE.  No representations, written or oral, other than those contained within this agreement are authorized by or binding upon the Strike Zone.

The term of this agreement is specified with how many months the membership is for.  Monthly dues for the term of this agreement shall be specified per month.  Upon expiration of the term of this agreement, the STRIKE ZONE may adjust the monthly dues.

Monthly dues entitle the Member to use the STRIKE ZONE facilities within the scope of the type of membership selected.  The Member is obligated to pay monthly dues regardless of whether the Member actually uses the STRIKE ZONE facilities.

Initiation fees are not refundable.  Memberships are non-proprietary, non-voting, and non-transferable.

The Member may terminate his or her membership after the expiration of the term set forth above by notifying the STRIKE ZONE in writing thirty days prior to the termination date and by paying all amounts then owed to the STRIKE ZONE in full.  Notice of termination may be given in writing or by registered mail or by completing forms in the STRIKE ZONE business office.

Cancellation.  In the event you become permanently disabled or move to a new residence more than 35 miles from the STRIKE ZONE, we will cancel your membership upon 30 days written notice.  A cancellation fee of $99 will be assessed to cancelled one year memberships with waived initiation fee.

Unless the Member terminates his or her membership as set forth in the preceding paragraph, the membership will be automatically renewed on a month to month basis at the expiration of the term set forth above.  The member will be obligated to pay monthly dues, regardless of whether he or she uses the STRIKE ZONE facilities, until thirty days after the STRIKE ZONE has received written notice of termination.

Management of the STRIKE ZONE may suspend or cancel the rights, privileges, or membership of any member whose actions are detrimental to the enjoyment of the STRIKE ZONE facilities by other members.

Management may, from time to time, change the rules or regulations governing the operations of the STRIKE ZONE.  Notice of these changes will be made available to members through normal means of communications.

The Member will be liable for payment of all costs incurred by the STRIKE ZONE in the collection of past due obligation to the STRIKE ZONE.

The Member, acknowledges and accepts the risks inherent in the use of the STRIKE ZONE services and facilities.  By use of the STRIKE ZONE facilities and services, the Member hereby voluntarily assumes the risk of injury, accident, death, loss, cost, or damage to his or her person property which might arise from the use of STRIKE ZONE services or facilities.  The Member, his or her heirs, executors, representatives or assigns, hereby release the STRIKE ZONE from all claims or liabilities for personal injury or property damage of any kind, sustained by the Member while on the premises of the STRIKE ZONE except for injuries or damage directly caused by the willful misconduct of the officers, employees, or agents of the STRIKE ZONE.

The purpose of this agreement is to insure that the Member understands the duties and responsibilities of STRIKE ZONE membership.  This is a legally binding agreement and if it is not understood by the Member, he or she could consult and attorney of his or her choice.